Design Hub

DMC continues to utilise all available technology and innovative ideas to enhance the consulting services provided to clients.

Advanced technology includes computer software that enables:

  • Structural seismic modelling & analysis systems
  • Architectural design and 3D photorealistic model imaging
  • Structural and civil engineering design & draughting services
  • Construction programming & cost control systems

All employees within the practice are involved in a project during the design phase, and information is openly discussed as the team works together resulting in design document quality control.

The Association of Consulting Engineer New Zealand (ACENZ) Quality Assurance Programme has been adopted as a design tool within the practice.

The team at DMC are knowledgeable of the New Zealand Building Code requirements, as well as cost effective construction materials and construction techniques to avoid pitfalls that have plagued the building industry over recent years.


Each project starts with consideration of options for materials and finishes to create a result that combines

  • Aesthetics with longevity
  • Sustainability
  • Energy efficiency
  • Cost effective solutions
Studying our clients business processes and manufacturing requirements allow us to then start the process of developing the design process and advising on a cost effective solution for the building to produce efficient logistical flow whilst meeting the rigorous design standards of the New Zealand Building Code.

Not only is the methodology and materials considered but also the end result, with emphasis placed on the building remaining safe during a design-level earthquake. Seismic design for new buildings or strengthening of existing buildings is another hot topic that can be solved for clients by DMC.

With this holistic approach the team at DMC executes both the architectural and engineering aspects of a project, giving a lot more synergy. The team has the unique professional capacity to blend the structural feasibility aspect of the design of engineering with the artistic visual appeal of architecture into one functional component in the industrial and commercial building industry.